Protected plants to Chinese cultivators

The company that breeds fruit, BLOOM FRESH(tm) specialising in cherries, table grapes and raisins. It is the responsible company for the table grape variety like COTTON CANDY(r) as well as SWEET SAPPHIRE(r) and SWEET GLOBE(r). The company will grant licenses to its proprietary plant varieties to Chinese growers and will provide continuous assistance to ensure their continued success. To protect its intellectual property, the company is seeking legal steps against nursery companies and growers who illegally utilize its trademarks and proprietary varieties.

Grapes from Cotton Candy.

After successfully resolving enforcement matters with respect to enforcement cases in Yunnan, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and Guangdong, BLOOM FRESH emphasizes its impact on both its rights as well as those for its Chinese licensees and customers. Infringers are unfair competitors for the breeder’s licensees who are required to pay for rights as infringers profit by stealing intellectual property.

Infringing fruits of poor quality negatively impact the marketplace for high-quality licensed fruit because the infringers don’t receive approved plant materials or enjoy the benefits of the firm’s technical support and quality control systems. Also, infringing fruits can deceive customers, since it isn’t in accordance with BLOOM FRESH’s requirements of licensed fruit.

Sweet Sapphire grapes.

Within China, BLOOM FRESH has acquired rights to plant varieties to 16 grape varieties and registered trademarks on varieties such as COTTON CANDY SAPPHIRE, SWEET GLOBE and more. Chinese officials, such as those from the Local Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and the Administration for Market Regulation, aid the business to enforce the rights to intellectual property. BLOOM FRESH anticipates further cooperation with local authorities, community members as well as licensees, to secure the intellectual property of its clients.

“We strive to create an environment that is win-win for us as well as our licensees, and the local communities. The creation of such a environment is dependent on a stable market that ensures rights for plant breeders as well as allows for the growth of novel varieties,” declared the CEO Kenneth Avery. “Despite the long and strenuous process, we’re dedicated to assisting the business by fostering a healthy and healthy environment for intellectual property.”

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