Potato Growers of Alberta happy with the significant indicators of growth

This year in the year 2000, earlier this year, the Potato Growers of Alberta (PGA) has released a thorough study of the economic impacts on the potato industry in Alberta. The document, “The Alberta Potato Industry The Alberta Potato Industry – Growing Success in 2022” examines the way in which Alberta’s potato industry has grown in the last few years, and evaluates the impact on economics of this expansion on the overall economy of Alberta.

The study’s findings confirms the opinion of important industry leaders who were aware that growth was ramping up, yet did not possess a thorough analysis of the current economic impacts. James Bareman, Chair of the PGA has stated some time earlier: “We knew our industry is experiencing rapid growth during the past few years, but there was no method to assess its total effect on the economy. We’re delighted that we can now make a precise assessment of the contribution our industry has made and are satisfied with the outcome. It would have been impossible for the industry to be this successful without the collaboration and cooperation between all the parties involved – producers processors, packers, services, research community and the governments. PGA is grateful to all those who have contributed in transforming our industry into the most significant potato-related sector within Canada.”

Source: vauxhalladvance.com

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies