Malta agriculture is flourishing and growing in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

For farmers in Nabinagar located in Brahmanbaria, Bari Malta-1 cultivation is gaining recognition. Because of the huge demand for the fruit and its massive production in Malta these farmers have stated that they hoped that cultivating this fruit will bring huge profits. The farmers are expanding Malta cultivation, as increasing demand and the popularity of Bari Malta-1 are being increased every day.

The farming of this variety initially started in the year 2016, when Bari Malta-1 was first introduced to the market. The farmers could earn an excellent profit from farming Bari Malta-1 since the costs are very minimal. According to the agriculture department that two-thirds of all fruit that is grown around the globe are grown in Malta. Even though Vietnam, North-Western India and South China are the places that started Malta production The fruit is getting a good crop in several locations despite the hot temperatures. Malta cultivation is easier than the orange grove, because of its adaptability to changing conditions.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies