Malaysia plans to grow 2.5 million additional pineapple trees in 2025

Datuk Edward Linggu, Chairman of the Sabah Rubber Industry Board (LIGS) has announced the allocation of 1.44 million MD2 pineapple tendrils to 598 people who participate in the Additional Economic Activity (AET) program. This amounts to an allocation totalling RM5.6 million over the course of the year. LIGS has a goal of advancing the growth of the MD2 pineapple industry in Sabah and has set a goal of 2.5 million plantations of tendrils before 2025. The commitment to this is realized by the AET project which includes different businesses with potential earnings.

The program’s development was highlighted beginning in the year 2021 LIGS launched a brand new initiative involving MD2 plants which involved 212 people. The number grew to 305 by 2022. Its MD2 pineapple AET project was started in 2021, produced 65 tonnes as of the 12th July in the year that is currently underway, which included a purchase price of RM150,000. This is a sign of increasing production.

Edward recognized the achievements of MD2 pineapple growers under LIGS’s direction, noting three of the participants who hail from Keningau as well as Tenom districts, who earned an income of RM3,000- 6 RM per year. To help these entrepreneurs, select individuals are receiving assistance by way of equipment to increase cultivation as well as growth of MD2 agriculture for the near future.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies