Lychee harvests successful across Vietnam’s Central Highlands

The lychee harvest this year was boosted by more than 15,000 tonnes of the fruit that came from provinces within the country’s Central Highlands, which were harvested prior to the Northern region. It has attracted traders that want to sell the fruits to China. The varieties of lychee that are that are grown throughout the Central Highlands are the same that are grown in the northwestern provinces of Bac Giang. However, the Central Highlands have achieved higher economically. It was due to adjustments to the crop during the last three years.

Other areas, like the close to Dak Nong province, the lychee growing season is also beginning and farmers are intercropping the fruit in conjunction with different crops, such as coffee or pepper in order to increase efficiency of their businesses. Nationally, it’s expected that over 365,000 tons of fresh lychees will be picked this year. About 15,000 tons of the lychees will be taken directly from Central Highlands. Central Highlands.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies