Last pillars of Ag technology are made public

Apeel Sciences has unveiled the final pillars of “The Apeel Leverage,” which aims to demonstrate the help it can offer through its technology for enhancing long-haul capabilities of the supply chain for fresh produce. The key areas for focus are “Here for Long-Haul” as well as “Satisfy You and Your Customers” were designed to make sure that your produce doesn’t just travel more efficiently, but also surpasses customers’ expectations when it arrives.

“Our aim with “The Apeel Leverage’ campaign, by focusing on the four pillars “Expanding Offers that are backed by Confidence”, “Helping You sell More”, “Here for the long haul” as well as “Satisfy You and Your Customers” It is to illustrate how we can use our technology to improve the capabilities of our suppliers’ supply chain capabilities.” explained Ryan Fink, senior vice president of commercial. “This is not just about reducing the issue of food waste, but it also leads to improvement to their bottom line and top line. This is more than just reducing food waste. It’s about unlocking the potential of the food supply chain to be more sustainable.”

This technology allows producers to move their product further without fear, which reduces rejects or quality marksdowns while increasing profits.

Apeel’s security allows produce to withstand long distances of shipping and opens up market opportunities previously considered to be impossible due to concerns over spoilage. This allows producers to transport their products further certainty, which reduces rejections or high-quality markdowns, and increasing the profitability.

To ensure the aesthetic and nutritional qualities of fruit as well as vegetables business aids retailers to offer items that satisfy consumers’ growing requirements for sustainable and high-quality. It also results in more exciting display of produce and strategies for marketing that ultimately enhance the experience of shopping and satisfaction.

“Together they support our partners’ needs for operational efficiency and address the ever-growing demands of consumers for sustainable quality and premium products,” adds Fink. “By connecting our technology to the needs of our partners and customers requirements, we can create an enormous impact throughout the entire supply chain.”

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies