Dutch onions less expensive than Egyptian onions in the West African market

The Egyptian onion harvest is going very well, with a steady demand, states Mina Antony, CEO of E2M. Following a six-month ban for exports, the season began in the first week of April, with a plethora of onions.

The demand for onions remains steady The campaign is going well. The lengthy restriction for Egyptian onion exports created an opening in the market which is currently being filled. Our most of the demand comes from Canadian as well as European markets. Except for fluctuations in exchange rates, we’re experiencing any significant issues during this time”says Mina.

Egypt as well as the Netherlands both are fiercely competing both in West African markets, according Mina. Mina. “Our prices in West Africa are lower than the previous season, however we’re still not able to bring much into these markets. However, onions imported come from Holland are less expensive.”

It is particularly true for the Mauritanian market in which onions are eaten in a huge amount Mina adds. Mina.

In the wake of a shortage in onions, which resulted in prices increasing and exports prohibited, Egyptian producers have prepared for the coming season by substantially growing their acres. According to expert sources, the volumes haven’t been increasing in the same amount with the acreage increase because of a decrease of crop yield due to changing climatic conditions.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies