Agroforestry Group Launches Reforestation Initiative

The Agroforestry Group has today confirmed the launch of its new environmental initiative aimed at conservation, reforestation and sustainability. As part of its new initiative, it will be planting trees across Malaysia’s rainforests in co-operation with a leading accredited Malaysian social enterprise. The new initiative links two environmentally concerned Malaysian-based companies that are committed to sustainable projects that benefit the environment, wildlife, animals and community.

Under the terms of this new initiative, Agroforestry Group will be planting one tree on behalf of its clients, for every tree that its clients purchase with the company.

Mr. Paul Martin, Agroforestry Group’s MD said “Agroforestry Group has always been focused on sustainability and the environment as is evident in both our durian and Aquilaria plantations. Today we pledge an additional commitment towards the environment and hope more companies follow in our footsteps.

Mr. Martin added that one key area the company is focusing its efforts on is along the Kinabatangan River in SabahBorneo. The area known as the Corridor of Life due to its abundant flora and fauna has been one of the world’s most critically impacted.

Agroforestry Groups environmental initiative not only helps restore Malaysia’s forests and protect its wildlife habitats, but it also brings to light the dangers associated with forest loss. Forest loss leads to income loss for those who have been impacted and results in more lethal and frequent natural disasters. Tree cover keeps soil moist and more resistant to wildfires, droughts, and subsequent floods. Trees also block the sun’s rays during the day and hold in heat at night. Without it, the environment gets hotter during the day.

According to the Agroforestry Group, more than 40% of the world’s population live in the tropics and, under climate change, rising heat and humidity could push them into lethal conditions. Keeping forests intact is vital to protect those who live in and around them as the planet warms.

About Agroforestry Group
Established in 2015, Agroforestry Group has applied its thirty years of private forestry management into the establishment and commercial development of durian and agarwood plantations and product distribution and sales. As an asset class, agriculture and forestry has expanded rapidly over the last decade due to interest from risk-averse private investors attracted by the green credentials of the industry and the long-term high returns of agroforestry.