“The peach with a flat shape has evolved into a very sought-after and widely used fruit”

The appeal of flat peaches has risen significantly throughout the years, in spite of initially being viewed being unattractive and distorted according to Aysel Oguz who is the Commercial Director for Turkish fresh produce farmer Exporter and grower Anadolu Etap. “Typically the season of stone fruits that includes flat peaches is a time of great change in the southern parts of Turkiye like Tarsus, Mersin, and Adana. As I reflect on the beginnings of the flat peach industry in this region I remember a time that people believed flat peaches to be unflappable and ugly. However, today it is now an exquisite product that has gained widespread recognition. The peach that is flat is favored because of its great scent, taste as well as its high sugar content as well as being simple to consume.”

Oguz discusses the importance of social media in increasing the demand for peaches with flat sides: “The demand for this fruit has grown in recent time. In the past, we shipped the peaches in mixed loads using the use of a few pallets, as well as a few air-borne shipments. Today, we get requests for truckloads of full trucks. In certain countries, the power of social media cannot be undervalued. As an example, in Malaysia the influencers uploaded videos on the flavor of the fruit that went viral, and greatly increased its popularity.”

This year, Anadolu Etap focuses on exporting flat peaches to two continents “Our principal objective is to fly to Asia however, the EU is our primary market. We try to extend our season by planting both early and later varieties to assure an ongoing supply. Despite our efforts to safeguard our farm, the climate is continuing to present a serious challenge.”

The stone fruit season has ended in one Turkish zone, Oguz is confident about an ongoing supply of the fruit: “The season in the south is coming to an end We are happy to say that our farms located in northern Turkey will guarantee continuous availability. It is recommended to keep an eye on the market to see if there is more and better plentiful fruit in the future!” She concludes.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies