The Government of Bangladesh is trying to control prices for potatoes

In Bangladesh The prices for potatoes in Bangladesh and numerous other foods – have increased to an extent that is not able to be justified based on the reasonably excellent harvest, and the absence of a visible supply chain restriction. There are rumors that business syndicates have taken the consumers for an ride. In recent times, the government it has made a decision to obtain information regarding potato stock records at private cold storage establishments across the country.

In the present, the Ministry of Commerce has instructed to the Bangladesh Cold-Storage Association to provide data on stock levels for the previous three years starting in 2021 and ending in 2023. This decision is to figure the amount of potatoes are being taken out of the cold storage facilities in order to meet the demands on the market. This could give a clue of a shortage quantity, or hoarding that’s causing the price rise.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies