Sugar cane volumes originate from India less due to dry conditions

The sweet corn supply imported from India has been impacted due to the severe conditions of the weather, according to Swapnil Aware, who is a board members of Indian exporter of fresh produce Mersel Foods: “Due to the monsoon rainfall that was below average last year, a lot of fields of sweet corn are suffering from drought-like conditions which has led to an acute shortage of supplies and increased prices for the raw products. This has created the present season very difficult for us. But, we are positive about the upcoming months. The improved weather forecasts indicate that there will be an increase in the supplies of raw materials, which should enable us to finish the season in a positive manner and produce the best return.”

While the supply of sweet corn is limited however, the demand within Europe is quite substantial due to the warmer temperatures, Aware explains. “We make sweet corn in a vacuum bags under the Merci brand. It is cooked in advance and ready for be used. It can be used for BBQ purposes and also for snacking. It is fresh and delicious. The range and the quality of the sweet corn we choose to use, the unique recipe, and our processing process provide a competitive advantage to our product when compared to our rivals. Since the climate across Europe is extremely warm, demand is at a high level. The products we offer are in Rotterdam to be distributed throughout Europe.”

In light of the weather conditions, total volumes are expected to decrease from what they were this years, Aware states. “Compared to the previous seasons The volumes of sweet corn are significantly less this year. Due to the combination of lower-than-average monsoon rains and intense temperatures has impacted yields of the crop. When sweet corn is readily available it is frequently diminished due to the severe weather conditions. Therefore, we’re facing an enormous decrease in both raw material supply and in quality.”

But, Mersel is reaching out further to other regions in search of larger quantities of the crop. Aware adds: “The previously mentioned weather circumstances have resulted in substantial shortages and have affected the quality of our product. To address these issues We’ve implemented a variety of active measures like procuring sweet corn from areas that have favorable weather as well as moderate rainfall in order to provide an ongoing supply. Our experienced field team works closely with farmers and providing them with required guidance and help in order to boost crop resilience and improve quality. We’ve implemented strict methods to control quality and choose only the highest quality products that are in line with our specifications and ensure that our customers are receiving high-quality sweet corn regardless of the difficult circumstances.”

There is hope for relief The monsoon is scheduled to arrive within the next week. “Looking towards the future and looking ahead, we believe that the monsoon, which is expected to reach India within the beginning of the month, can bring beneficial improvements. Sowing season has begun in many regions of cultivation, and we’re getting ready for an extremely productive year ahead. The main focus of our efforts will be providing a steady quantity of top-quality agricultural goods. We’re also investing in the latest methods of farming and technology to increase the resilience of our crops as well as yield. We believe we can achieve an excellent sweet corn harvest and continually meeting the needs of our markets,” Aware concludes.

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