Opportunities worldwide in the field of Indonesian all-year-long mangosteen

Citra Tama Jaya Indo was founded in the year 2016, and was established in. The company’s initial services focused on the industry of food services. After that, overseas markets began to develop.

Stevan Budi Susanto presents its production facility of mangosteen in Indonesia: “Our mangosteen plantations are spread over3600 acres. They are situated in the Tasikmalaya, Padang and Banyuwangi regions. Our farm is strawberry-related and covers200 acres. The current market we export to is China, South Korea and Hong Kong. China is among the largest markets we have.”

Stevan Budi Susanto thrilled by the potential of Indonesian mangosteen to be sold in international markets

The company currently doesn’t sell under its own brand, but is a partner for other brands.

Stevan adds: “Apart from mangosteen, we also ship frozen strawberry to South Korea as well as Vaname Shrimp”.

In relation to mangosteen, the business cultivates grade 1 and two varieties “Grade 1 contains the skin dot forming 0-10% with leaves that are fresh, while grade 2 is characterized by 30-40% in poor skin, with new leaves. There are a variety of mangosteen sizes: 2a, 3a and 5a, 4a, and 6a. 6a is the most imposing dimension. The mangosteen season from the Padang regions begins in September and runs through January. In into the Bogor and Pati areas, the season is through February and April. In the final, the Banyuwangi region is a mangosteen producer in the months of June and July.” Stevan says: “The quality of the season’s fruit has decreased in the quantity of mangosteen. In terms of quality, it’s similar to last year’s harvest”.

“The prices of mangosteen in international markets has remained the same as the previous year. Prices fluctuate depending on the harvest quantity and the weather conditions,” the expert concluding.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies