Interpera offers early bird rates to International Pear Congress

The international Pear Congress will be held on the 28 and 29 of June in 2023 within Lerida located in the Spanish Catalonia region. Early bird pricing has been extended until 15 June. Now is the best moment to sign up for the event, which will bring Pear farmers, experts as well as researchers and marketers all over Europe to debate some of the biggest issues facing the industry of pear today including the climate change issue.

The conference programme will comprise numerous presentations, round table discussions with the aim of giving insight. The 29th of June, attendees will learn on how the European pear harvest predictions for 2023 based on the primary production country. An expert roundtable with representatives of Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France will be held to discuss the market’s growth.

This conference will also have sessions on global climate change and the impact it has on the pear business. Antonio Ruiz de Elvira, an associate professor of physics of Alcala de Henares University will describe the reason why the climate is shifting.

They will also be informed about three projects for climate change adaptation including Belgium’s “Q-Pear A premium pear with a changing climate” France’s “Means of improving the ecological performance of the pear through its entire supply chain” as well as the Spanish project “New pear varieties adapted for changes in the climate.”

Interpera will also comprise two technical tours at the Qtee pear orchard and the main office of Fruites Font and the Elliot Pear Plantation in Nufri. These visits provide the chance to educate participants on how to manage and cultivate pear orchards across Catalonia. The aim of the tours is to demonstrate the innovativeness in the production of pears as well as the use of environmentally sustainable practices and use of modern technologies.

Manel Simon, the director of Afrucat who is the primary organizing committee for the Congress, stated “Interpera 2023 will be a stimulating and informative conference, and we invite anyone with an interest in the industry of pear to go.”

The sessions are translated into English, French and Spanish.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies