Excellent rates for Peruvian blueberries sold in China

The delayed and early lower quantities of Peruvian blueberries are not negative as the prices on the China market are increasing. In the wake of the news of last week’s Asia Fruit Logistica, Alejandro Sanhueza director of blueberry sales as well as operational plan of Agrovision Peru, could visit market and observe prices as well as the market demand.

“At this moment, the quantity is quite small. It is priced between 180 RMB up to 200 RMB ($27.4) for a 1.5 kg box sold in China. China market. Just two weeks ago, I saw this fruit at Guangzhou and Shanghai markets. Shanghai and Guangzhou market with prices ranging that ranged from Peru from 150 RMB up to the 190 RMB ($26) for a box. It’s an excellent price considering the fact that the season has been late. The volume is extremely low currently in China. China market.” added Sanhueza.

Agrovision is an integrated vertically-integrated producer, packer, and shipper and distributor of superfruits coming from Peru, Mexico, Morocco and Mexico, and the USA (Oregon). The markets for exports are North America, the UK, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. They offer premium superfruits such as blueberries blackberries, raspberries and table grapes.

“Our top extra large, premium and robust Jumbo Sekoya kinds are available in China. Our sweet medium-sized Bianca is also available. China is responsible for almost 35% to 40 percent of our production. In the year ahead, 12-14 million tons of goods are going to China and that’s the reason we ship our top varieties, with 60 percent of our production comprising the top varieties.”

Agrovision sells its blueberries in China through their Bigsky brand. Sanhueza was delighted at all of the meetings with clients and the huge interest of visitors to sample the blueberries on their display located in Hong Kong. “It gave us the chance to get together with our clients and it was the most successful exhibition that we have seen in Asia. Many people visited our booth at Agrovision Peru. We received excellent feedback regarding the quality of our produce,” he concludes.

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Agrovision Peru

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies