Avocado movement maintained momentum post-Cinco de Mayo

Avocados are plentiful throughout the U.S. remain plentiful. “This year’s supply is quite distinct,” said Juan Monsalve the category manager for avocados in the company LGS Specialty Sales. “Last season, Mexico was coming to the close of the year with small amounts of fruit, so it was some struggle in getting every program that were covered. There was greater Peruvian fruit available in that season.” This year, Mexico is more prolific, so that late beginning in Peru will help to supplement the Mexican harvest and allow Peru to profit from the lucrative European market. With these regions, California is also producing as well, and some of the production comes of fruit coming from Colombia.

Although many of the crops in North America are reporting later dates from 2023 onwards, Mexico’s Avocado season is in full swing this year. Sears states that there’s plenty of avocados which may coincide with the beginning of the next season towards the close of June. “Peru has been delayed to begin due to the heavy rains in the regions of growth that slows the development of the fruit, because there was a requirement for dry matter which must be brought into America. U.S.,” says Monsalve. “Peru has the potential to extend its maturation time longer than previous years, but this will depend entirely on the demand and what it is able to handle the amount of Mexican fruits at the beginning in the growing season.”

“The food profile for The Mexican fruit is very good currently, however the fruit is very brittle in duration of shelf-life because of its oil content.” according to Monsalve.

Quality and size of fruit

When it comes to sizing, there’s some variation on the curve of size. “While Mexico is heavier on bigger sizes since we’re nearing the close of their growing season, California volume is gearing to smaller sizes. Food profile for the Mexican fruit is very good at the moment, but this fruit is very limited shelf life because of its oil-rich content.” adds Monsalve.

The demand for avocados was also high for avocados in the past Cinco de Mayo, a large consumption day for avocados, and the trend has continued to grow in the following 10 days. “Avocados remain a booming product and as greater recognition of the health benefits from this fruit is raised increasing numbers of people are likely to make it an integral part of their daily food regimen,” says Monsalve.

For the price, it’s at a record low this year due to the large volume of fruit coming of fruit coming from Mexico. “In the past couple of weeks, we’ve noticed certain pressures from growers in order to increase the prices of their fields across Mexico,” says Monsalve and says that when he looks ahead we expect to see lots of fruits and will be able to market in the summer time.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies