Alizza Fruit season 3 wins an award. Alizza Fruit(tm) Season 3 is awarded an award, and the production increases to South Africa

Genesis Fresh, in collaboration with the parent AMFresh Group, and parent AMFresh Group, proudly celebrates the achievements of The Alizza Fruit(tm) Season 3 which was crowned with the three-star Superior Taste Award given by the International Taste Institute. This season marks the launch of a limited edition of Alizza Fruit that hails from South Africa.

Alizza Fruit Alizza Fruit combines the best varieties of pomelo and mandarin genes grown with great care by the multi-national AmFresh Group in Spain and recently, also within South Africa. “The Alizza Fruit is characterized by its huge dimensions, appealing bright yellow-orangey color, smooth, fine skin and melting fruit that is seedless and has a distinct flavor,” explains David Alba Director at Genesis Fresh. “Its amazing juice content, when combined with a unique flavour characteristic consistently amazes all customers each time they taste the product”.

The season is typically during the months of December through March in regions with citrus-growing areas of the northern hemisphere. Alizza Fruit is now available for consumers throughout the winter and summer as well as in South Africa.

“We give a tribute to the legacy of visionary fruit breeder Aliza Vardi, whose remarkable work led to this incredible citrus,” says Patricia Sagarminaga, Group Director of Marketing and Communications at AmFresh Group. “Her legacy is still alive by way of The Alizza Fruit, a testament to her innovative spirit and long-lasting contributions to the citrus sector.”

Alizza Fruit Alizza Fruit was launched across Germany, UK, Germany, and Spain in 2022. The focus was on accessibility to attract the consumers, and to provide an unforgettable taste of citrus.

Luis Miguel Lavado, Commercial Director at AmFresh Spain. “We have seen a huge popularity and demand for our products throughout European retailers and wholesalers. Alizza Fruit Alizza Fruit is an exciting invention that has been attracting buyers who have never before been to the category of tangelo. The Alizza Fruit has received a lot of favorable reviews, due to its distinct characteristics that make it one of the freshest and tastiest citrus varieties offered, which is recognized by the International Taste Institute in Brussels”.

Alizza Fruit Alizza Fruit boasts additional attributes that were discovered by analysis conducted of scientists from Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants in Valencia (IBMCP). This includes high antibacterial as well as antimicrobial activities in the juice of the fruit, making it an ideal natural antibacterial substance.

It’s available in European retail chains, including Tesco Marks & Spencer (UK), Edeka and REWE (Germany), El Corte Ingles and Eroski (Spain), Migros (Switzerland) and Italy and retails at 1.5EUR per fruit. It is also available in wholesale markets. Alizza Fruit benefits from a distinct brand image that speaks to its high-end quality and delectable tasting.

Andre Russouw, Business Manager of Genesis Fresh in South Africa He is thrilled about the very first season of The Alizza Fruit from South Africa. “We are thrilled to launch The Alizza Fruit to consumers from South Africa, as we think its unique quality will be awe-inspiring to their taste buds. It marks the start of a journey to introduce the Alizza Fruit here in South Africa and we are looking for this unique cultivar grow and flourish”.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies