Asia Plantation Capital achieves ‘Best Forestry Asset Management Team’ award for 2014

The judges identified Asia Plantation Capital’s contribution to the environment, and acknowledged the business’s devoted and efficient concentrate on sustainability, while at the same time providing outstanding outcomes as a company.

In revealing the award, Capital Finance International stated, “Our winner, Asia Plantation Capital, has jobs throughout 4 possessions and continents possessed or under management that are anticipated to surpass US$ 1 billion in the not too long run. Asia Plantation Capital works sensitively with regional neighborhoods to supply much required financial investment, along with cultural and social assistance, in order to prevent logging and unlawful logging activities. We enjoy to keep in mind that residents utilized by Asia Plantation Capital are effectively dealt with and supplied with significant chances to enhance their financial potential customers in manner ins which safeguard and nurture the environments where they live.”.

Developed formally in 2008 (although running independently because 2002) the group now has plantation and farming jobs on 4 continents, with functional tasks at different phases in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Laos, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, North America and Europe.

Part of the Asia Plantation Capital Group, Asia Plantation Capital (APC) likewise acts as plantation and farming supervisors and consultants to a number of Private Equity Funds that concentrate on the forestry, farming, and renewable resource financial investment sectors. To this day, in excess of US$ 600 million worth of plantations and biological possessions are presently had and/or under management on behalf of personal customers, and this is anticipated to increase over the next years, with a near horizon forecast of US$ 1 billion.

At the heart of Asia Plantation Capital’s objective declaration is the objective to end up being the world’s leading operator of sustainably handled forestry and farming plantations. These operations vary from task examination and plantation management, through to forestry item distribution. APC highly concerns business duty as not just having to do with protecting earnings for financiers and investors, however likewise about contributing favorably to society and the environment.

“We are exceptionally happy that Asia Plantation Capital has actually gotten this award,” stated Mr Barry Rawlinson, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Plantation Capital Asia Pacific. “Sustainability was one of principles at the leading edge of our minds when we began the business, and although there have actually been difficulties along the method, we have actually stuck, steadfastly, to our objective and the values of sustainable practices and constructing up the neighborhoods that we are part of.

From the start to the end of the procedure, APC takes particular procedures when obtaining plantations, and thoroughly develops each succeeding phase to make sure sustainability. At each stage– from preliminary plantation stock and land option, to the inoculation methods and end processing– systems have actually gone through strenuous clinical analysis and evaluation.

The business is dedicated to research study and advancement, and is continuously establishing and boosting innovations and methods to broaden the development of the Aquilaria tree, bamboo, teak and other agroforestry tasks in an eco-friendly way. To accomplish this, Asia Plantation Capital has actually developed a worldwide Board of Scientific Research Advisors, consisted of professionals in the field, and gathered from leading universities.

“We are continuously taking a look at methods to enhance and upgrade our practices with research study from our worldwide Board of Scientific Research Advisors, while constantly accepting brand-new market advancements and requirements,” stated Mr Rawlinson. “Forestry and agriculture management has a instant and really direct effect on the world where we live, and we are constantly cognisant of the crucial function we play in making sure the sustainability of the environment, and society as a whole.”.

The outcomes of this research study have actually made Asia Plantation Capital the biggest business grower of Aquilaria trees in Southeast Asia, from which APC produces 100 % pure, natural, and sustainable Oud oils for the worldwide scent market, in addition to the medical and incense markets.
All Aquilaria trees are gathered through a procedure that guarantees sustainability, and offered to the worldwide market with CITES accreditation, to show that the crop is grown, collected and transferred in a sustainable and ethical way. The business perseveres in promoting using licensed wood and accredited wood items as the very best method which to avoid logging, secure biodiversity and battle poverty in the jungle areas.

In Hong Kong, the previously plentiful Aquilaria tree (which in part provided the island its name, ‘Fragrant Harbour’), has actually practically been erased as a types, with the exception of a little farm on the island. Asia Plantation Capital is presently working carefully with the stated farmer, to reestablish the tree to the island in higher numbers, and to guarantee that it is grown and collected in a sustainable way. It is hoped that in due course, the tree will certainly when again end up being a considerable part of the area’s vegetation.

Another of Asia Plantation Capital’s underlying core company concepts is the devotion to working carefully with neighborhoods, taking them far from logging and the prohibited logging activities that were formerly viewed as a primary income source in some areas of Asia. Sustainability is more than simply keeping things green; it’s likewise about purchasing the neighborhood.

Regional labour is utilized in all APC’s plantations, and paid considerably above the yearly typical wage in all the nations where they run. Staff members work 8-hour days, and take pleasure in adequate pause, and in Sri Lanka (for instance), personnel and their households are supplied with complimentary land on which to grow their own crops. Asia Plantation Capital likewise funds staff members in the purchase of their own houses, or in the updating of their existing lodging.

A regulated system of intercropping on plantations is utilized, making sure that trees are offered with cover and security throughout the early years, by the crops that are grown in between them. All surplus food crops are offered in the regional markets, supplying additional earnings for plantation employees.

Asia Plantation Capital likewise actively takes part in developing the neighborhoods where it runs, by supporting regional education with the arrangement of instructional products, and by buying cultural facilities and other crucial tasks created to boost the lifestyle in those neighborhoods.

Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is the owner and operator of a varied variety of business plantation and farming companies throughout the Asia-Pacific area and around the world, and is part of the Asia Plantation Capital Group of associated business. Developed formally in 2008 (although running independently because 2002) the group now has plantation and farming jobs on 4 continents, with functional tasks at different phases in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Laos, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, North America and Europe.

Promoting making use of qualified and sustainable wood is the very best method of avoiding logging, safeguarding biodiversity, and fighting poverty in the tropical jungle areas. For the yacht sector (a significant user of teak) which pursues quality and which is currently associated with ecological efforts, this is likewise a method of guaranteeing that no wood from prohibited logging is made use of.