J&K Department of Agriculture Production need to purchase a GI Tag to tag another 18 items

It is expected that the J&K Department of Agriculture Production has applied for Geographical Indications tags to 18 agricultural items that come from different regions in Jammu as well as Kashmir. Items that will be considered in this month’s application are Ambri and Maharaji apple, Naak tang pears, Repora grapes, walnuts shallots, red rice, Kashmiri long chilli Lotus stem and water chestnut Kashmiri haakh Gushtaba, Tabakhmaaz, dried fish (Hogaad), Gurez Rajmash (kidney beans ), pinseeds (Chilgoza), Phari (smoked fish) and Moth (Poonchi).

Additional Chief Secretary of the J&K The Additional Chief Secretary, J&K Government Atal Dulloo announced that the department is making proactive efforts to increase the cultivation of indigenous crop varieties and also securing the authenticity of goods that are distinctive from other regions.

Source: greaterkashmir.com