Report on another event that was successful. Organic Produce Summit

The last week of the Organic Produce Summit was held in Monterey Conference Center. Monterey Conference Center, downtown Monterey, California. With over 1,800 attendees attending this was the biggest OPS summit to date. It began by having Field Tours and an opening reception on Wednesday. A series of educational seminars was scheduled during the Thursday morning, and then it was concluded by a trade fair in the afternoon. Around 180 businesses were on display on the busy, filled trade show floor which was visited by over 300 buyers and retailers.

The exhibitors are offering nothing but praise about the show, in the same way they’ve been celebrating the event since its inception back in 2016. “We enjoy this festival,” says Luciano Fiszman of Gourmet Trading Company. “It is an amazing place to be at an ideal time of the year and the atmosphere is fantastic.”

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Apart from the place as well as the scale and time of the event are important benefits. The ability to meet with a lot of customers, colleagues and colleagues in shorter periods of time helps to cut out individual journeys and makes OPS extremely efficient. Many growers and shippers this is the peak time of year and they would prefer to not stay away from their workplaces at in this season.

“We believe that OPS is continuing to set the standard for events in the industry and we were extremely satisfied with the high-quality of the attendees and the content that was provided,” shared Kyla Oberman in a statement to California Giant. “It was an exceptional show of stores that provided great chances to network with professional contacts, colleagues from the industry as well as meet both familiar and new acquaintances. In all this was an unforgettable event.”

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